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    Train with us Barre-style

    If you are just getting to know us, we thought you might like a bit more info about how our studio works and how to get the most out of your training schedule. We’re a no pressure kind of place...our studio does not charge a joining fee and does not require a membership. There’s loads of ways to get your Barre fix, and depending on how often you work out with us, there are some awesome deals to be had! Let us break it down for you…

    Single Sessions: Not too serious, just keepin’ it casual! The ‘pay as you go’ option suits best if you want start out steady and train sporadically. Simply choose a class of your choice and book one at a time, or take your chance and just turn up.

    Packages: You think you might grow to like us, in fact, this might even go somewhere… Try a package. Packages come in 5’s, 10’s and even 20’s, reduce your price per class and are valid for up to 10 months depending on the package amount. Available for Barre, Power, Express, Pre/Post-Natal programs No restrictions to specific timetabling, just come see us the agreed amount of visits and see if you start to feel the love grow!

    Challenges: Lets spend some quality time together. Come take a set amount of classes in a designated timeframe, it’s a great way to really see what regular Barre training can do for strength, stamina and body shape. Usually 4 or 6 weeks and a great price-break on classes in all programs, it’s definitely worth a try.

    Memberships: A committed training relationship. Memberships come with a 3-month minimum sign-up, unlimited programming and a whopping 24 classes per month, so you can train with us every day if you want. Memberships are set up on an autopaid rolling monthly contract and have priority advance booking for the duration of the sign up. Cutting the price of your classes in half, its by far our best deal. If you want to try before you buy, why not take advantage of our 1-time Unlimited Intro Pass for 4 weeks. It gives you a taster of our membership program and is a great tool if you’re ready to dive straight in to some serious training!

    Download the free Barre App HERE!