the story of The Barre

The Barre lay down its mats and polished its barre back in the summer of 2009 becoming the first (and at that time, the only) dedicated Barre studio in the UK. The Barre Workout was developed by Founder, Director, and professional dancer Natalie Catlah whilst working in the USA as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor catering to the elite LA and ex pat set. Natalie saw the opportunity to take the barre-based exercise craze that was taking off in the States at the time along with her background in classical ballet and create something new. Paying homage to the barre-based method as developed by German dancer Lottie Berk over 60 years ago, but making it accessible to all levels and progressive with a real focus on personal goals and effective results.

In 2009 Natalie left the USA and set up the first Barre studio in the UK here in Newcastle upon Tyne. Today the flagship studio Barre Newcastle has expanded and continues to grow in the UK.

The Barre Culture

The Barre is hard work. Really hard work. Its also an incredibly supportive and friendly environment with the studio atmosphere acting as a background to a network of genuinely inspiring clients. The progressive nature of the programme means that the workout never becomes easy and allows our clients to continue to progress, set, meet and surpass fitness goals.

Barre clients embrace and embody The Barre culture, an attitude of hard work, determination and strength.

Luckily, by design, Barre results are fast and dramatic - which makes all the hard work a little easier to face!

The Barre Body

Far from the standard view that everyone should aspire to the same body shape The Barre works with clients to empower them to achieve the best results for them. The focus is on core strength and building stamina, and the combination of exercises in The Barre create a total body workout that lengthens, strengthens and tones muscles creating a lean but strong physique. Each Barre body is different but results are fast and the characteristics of a toned dancers body are embodied by all Barre clients of all shapes, ages and fitness abilities.