Barre Basics

everything you need to know for your Barre journey

You can book your classes here on the website, via our free app or in the studio at the reception desk.

We operate a 12 hour cancellation policy.

If you need to miss your class make sure you cancel it 12 hours before the class. If you cancel within 12 hours for any reason you will be charged as if you had attended. We use this cancellation policy instead of requiring you to purchase a membership or take the same class every week!

Show up for your first class about 15 minutes early!

This gives you time to fill out a registration form and have a look around the studio!

Everyone starts at 1st Barre!

No matter what your fitness level or experience with barre is, if this is your first class with us we highly recommend taking 1st-Barre so that you can learn our specific regime. If you've done barre before than you'll know that the great thing about barre is that every class is as hard as you want to work!

Bring a water bottle!

You are going to want some water so either bring a bottle or you can purchase one for £1 at the reception desk!

You do class in socks or bare shoes necessary!

Its best to wear tight fitting clothes so that your instructor can see your form!