barre program

1st, Open, 2nd, 2.5, 3rd

1st Barre

Come on in and find out what it’s all about. This 60 minute class will introduce you to the exercises, focus on your form and have you knocking out plies, ballet stretches and some truly awesome core stability work in no time. A special rate is applied to first timers (just select 1st-Barre Intro rate) and there’s no obligation to return ever again if you don’t want to... but we’re pretty sure you will! Once you are comfortable and confident with the moves your Barre Instructor will give you the nod that it’s time to get together with all levels (basic to advanced) in Open Barre to raise your heart rate and work the moves at your individual level.

2nd Barre

Once you are familiar with the movements in 1st and Open Barre it’s time to re-challenge your body by adding in advancements to your workout. Prepare for a faster paced class with more cardiovascular variations. Hold on to your mats... you’re moving up! Advanced levels are also welcome.

Open Barre

(Mixed levels) A chance to familiarise and perfect those basic Barre movements, positions and the mechanics of the technique. Make no mistake this class is anything but easy, instructors will challenge you to work to your ‘edge’ throughout, maintaining good form, so that in just a few sessions you are ready to advance your movements! If you’re moving on from 1st Barre, Open Barre is your next stop although the class is truly mixed with clients from all levels. Make sure to follow your Barre Instructor as those around you may be doing advanced moves…don’t worry you will be soon as well.

2.5 & 3rd Barre

Yes, you’ve guessed it; this level kicks the workout into 5th gear. Even more challenging moves are added to accelerate, intensify and strengthen your workout.