Louise Jones


Louise’ passion for dancing started at 3 years of age, and at 18 she was invited to train at Phil Winston’s Theatre Works in Blackpool. After graduation she began touring across the UK in various shows for a number of years. She then trained in dance education and became a fully qualified NCDTA ballet teacher and fitness instructor.

L-Jo was introduced to barre-method some years ago and immediately fell in love with it. In 2015 she began her training in barre instruction and began instructing at Level 7 Fitness in Morpeth. Barre became Louise’ life with her mantra being, “eat, sleep, barre, repeat...”

In 2016 she was invited to train at The Barre as an instructor, after months of rigorous training she is now the newest member of The Barre family.

Louise has recently opened her own dance studio, LJ Dance & Performing Arts Academy!