Natalie Catlah


Natalie Catlah has been a dancer from the age of just 2 years old and by the time she was 16 she was training with the prestigious Northern Ballet. After a torn ALC at age 17, she was introduced to classical pilates and the Lottie Berk method as a way of rehabilitation. Both being non-impact forms of exercise used to maintain a level of strength akin to that of a professional dancer.

After graduating from Northern Ballet and adding a certification in Classical Pilates to her repertoire, Natalie became a professional dancer and choreographers assistant performing primarily in the USA. After working in New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas she settled in Los Angeles where she decide to move away from dancing and embrace fitness full time.

Natalie quickly became a highly sought after pilates personal trainer working for multiple fitness studios including the renown Equinox Fitness. Within a few short years she decided to open her own pilates studio on Ventura Blvd and Revolution Pilates. Catering to the rich, famous, and fashionably fit of Hollywood and LA her studio flourished.

At this time, Natalie combined her training in Ballet and Pilates and created The Barre regime. After 10 years in the USA it was time for her to return to the UK and bring Barre with her. In 2009 she opened the first Barre studio in the UK and taught the UK’s first Barre-based fitness class. Since then The Barre has grown into the premiere barre studio in The UK. Training between 350 and 400 barre-fanatics each week in 14 separate barre classes, The Barre is where strong, lean, flexible dancer bodies are made without the dance.