rock-a-barre, barre crawlers


Congratulations! This 50 minute workout is specifically designed to keep you fit, strong and feeling fantastic throughout the morning sickness, cravings and influx of hormones heading your way (not to mention the ever so slight changes your body will be going through!). Like a regular class you’ll sculpt and tone with a special focus on breath control, increasing spine mobility as well as strengthening those all important lower abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

barre crawlers

As if growing and delivering your little bundle of joy wasn’t enough, you’re adding exercise into your already busy schedule of bottles, nappies and sleepless nights – what an overachiever! While we mightn't be able to replenish your hours of missing sleep we can definitely help with some re-energising, revitalising and reshaping! Barre crawlers is a gentle and safe (but effective!) return to exercise under the watchful eye of our Barre Instructors.