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    Spread the word

    Introduce friends to The Barre and you earn credit into your Barre account ! It’s our way of saying thank you for your loyalty.

    Barre Reward Card

    Pick up your Barre loyalty card in studio, and for every pack of classes purchased at the Barre you will receive a stamp. Collect 8 and have a class on us!

    100 Shot Club

    Here at The Barre we believe a consistent approach to training is the best way to train.

    We’re all for layering on extra and mixing up classes to achieve a specific goal or give your workout the Barre Push; but hands down its those clients that train consistently throughout the year that see the best results, stay fit and injury free and achieve the Barre body they’ve been (literally) working their butts off for.

    So to reward clients who train consistently month in month out we created the 100 Shot Club.

    Exclusively for those clients who have achieved and surpassed the milestone of taking 100 classes with us, becoming a 100 Shot Club member entitles you to discounted class rates, special reductions on masterclasses, events and merchandise at points across the year. Oh and your get an exclusive 100 Shot T Shirt as a little thank you from us for all your hard work!

    If you’re not a 100 Shotter yet - keep up the good work - that magic number could be right around the corner!

    Download the free Barre App HERE!