Barre Your Best

Starting out: Technical and Targeted

1st-Barre isn’t just a newbie class, its your chance to master the technique of the key movements. Learn to control and isolate each exercise. Take advantage of the steady pace and the small class environment to really connect your body to the movements. Start to push your movements further and find your ‘edge’. After a couple of classes you should be able to gauge your ‘weak spots’, thats where Express classes come into play. These classes are 30mins of targeted training, whether you need a little more core, added power in your ‘power muscles’ or tension and tightness is your biggest challenge, there’s a class that fits the bill.

Work your 1st-Barre and Express classes together to build the knowledge and strength to take with you into a faster paced class. As always, keep a training conversation going with your instructor at all times. Ask about recommendations for classes and let us know when you want to push for the next challenge. We’re here to help!